Zor Zamanlarda Üniversite

Sevilay Çelenk, November 1, 2019, Mülkiyeliler Birliği Merkezi Conference Hall

Touching Ranciere’s Ignorant Schoolmaster in her speech, Sevilay Çelenk made mention of how she had a chance to experience emancipatory pedagogy in her student years by taking economy lessons from Korkut Boratav in 1980s. Underlining that the latest wave of decrees is not the first occasion that brought the university and tough times together as mutual evocatives, she reminded earlier incidents by making references those who are known as 147s and those who lost their jobs at the universities by the law 1402 after 1980 intervention. She noted that the process of knowledge production was not and cannot be ceased. It goes on as emancipation grows, with hope…

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